The history

The history

These are the antique roads, or better the “ Salt road”, which used to bring merchants and knights beyond the Alpes, to France, in search of salt, anchovies, oil, spices and more. Thanks to the first tunnel, the so called “Pertus del Viso”, the gallery dug underneath the hill of Traversette ( 2882 mt), a few steps away from the big Viso mountain, wanted by the Marquis Ludovico II. It had been called the “Gallery of the salt”, obviously! And salt, oil, textures, cattle and metals, and many more found their way.

In all farmhouses used to travel the merchants of the near regions such as Provence and Bourgogne. All people that used to cross the Alps in order to reach the Monferrato and Milan. Plenty of travellers, used to rest in the old inn run by a woman, whose name was Virginia, who would welcome the guests with a smile, a warm meal and the warmth of the fireplace.

After a long renovation, “La Virginia” reopens. In the inside guests will find the warm rural atmosphere of the past where the stone, terracotta, the wood and the old furniture prevail. The warm colours of the rooms recreate that atmosphere typical of rural houses. The seven rooms are furnished with wooden beds or in wrought iron steel , old wardrobes, writing desks and fine textures.

Big common areas are dedicated to guests; a living room, a relaxing area with library and fireplace and a dining room. In the basement, a large wine cellar for wine tastings.

A corner of the world that fascinates and seduces without creating false illusions, where everyone can discover forgotten cultures and traditions.